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Marc Appel

Athena Intellectual

Marc Appel is the Founder and CEO of Athena Intellectual, a biotech platform focused on the investment in and development of preclinical….Read more

Yael Tamar


Yael Tamar, CEO & Co-Founder, SolidBlock, a real estate tokenization company. Yael is a recognized leader in property tokenization….Read more

Aaron Godert

Athena Intellectual

Proven entrepreneur and technical leader with over 20 years of experience across a wide breadth of industries including nonprofit, higher-ed….Read more

Ryan Rugg


Ryan Rugg has over 18 years of diversified investment, banking and blockchain software experience and possesses an in-depth understanding….Read more

Lana McGilvary

Purpose Worldwide

Lana is the co-founder and CEO of Purpose Worldwide, a marketing communications consultancy that specializes in helping clients ….Read more

Carolina Abenante


In her role at NYIAX, Carolina Abenante leads the company’s business strategy, development and investor relations. Ms. Abenante…Read more

Rima Alameddine


Rima is a Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Nvidia. She and her team focus on enabling customers to unlock business opportunities byRead more

Dana Warren


Dana Warren leads the global strategic platforms team at Stripe. Today millions of companies of all sizes around the globe use Stripe’s software...Read more

Monique Nelson


Monique L. Nelson is Chair and Chief Executive Officer of UWG, the country’s longest-standing multicultural marketing agency. She took the...Read more

Reba Beeson


Reba Beeson is the General Counsel at AlphaPoint, a white label exchange software provider powering crypto exchanges worldwide...Read more

Sierra Reid


Sierra is a Esports Program Manager in the Gaming and Esports group at Intel. She leads esports strategy and directly manages two esports...Read more

Lydia Chiu

Ava Labs

Lydia is Vice President of Business Development at Ava Labs, co-leading business development and the Blizzard Fund, an Avalanche...Read more

Kristina Campbell


Kristina Campbell is Chief Financial Officer at Ripple. She has over 20 years of experience in finance operations and business strategy with a focus...Read more

Chris Betz

Morgan Stanley

Chris Betz is a seasoned capital markets executive with over 30 years of institutional, entrepreneurial and consulting experience across...Read more

Mariam Nusrat


Mariam Nusrat is the Founder of GRID – Gaming Revolution for International Development, a tech start-up that aims to unleash the power…Read more

Matt Cross

Blockchain Founders Fund

Matt Cross is an Web3.0 Investment Associate at Blockchain Founders Fund which invests in and venture builds top-tier startups…Read more

James Song

Shadow Foundry

James Song is interested in high-impact catalysts that advance humanity. A tireless advocate for education equity, James launched the first digital…Read more