Connect with leaders contributing to an ecosystem focused on Scalability, trust in Governance, Transparency, Public v Private Chain Solutions, Speed of transaction, Energy Consumption and positive impact on Access and Ownership for all.

Why attend Blockchain NYC?

  • The incredible speakers
  • Topics of discussion
    • Digital assets – what are they? why do we need them? how do we account for them?
    • Smart contracts, neither smart nor contracts moving goods smarter and faster
    • Tokenization of assets – securities, real estate, intellectual property, precious metals
    • How does AI play a part?
    • Regulation for trust, growth and accountability
    • How does digitization and blockchain save me money?
  • Your virtual conference ticket is your entry to a year round community focused on sharing what’s happening now and tomorrow through our monthly webinar series, Blockchain Unblocked or Unlocked. Interact with our speakers, partners and followers for deeper understanding of vulnerabilities and opportunities of digital transformation. Share your white papers and insights with our readers

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