How DeFi will provide the financial infrastructure for all emerging technologies by HashKey Capital

The technologies below are evolving and converging together. This convergence can amplify their potential, and this convergence has DeFi at its center.

DeFi touches a number of industries that include not only the fast-growing blockchain industry but also other fast-growing industries like IoT, digital wallets, connected devices, cloud computing, and even battery technology and autonomous mobility.

In the near future, machines will be able to communicate with each other using their blockchain ID and process DeFi transactions between them. The use cases are immense. Fleets of self-driving taxis owned by DAOs will be able to pay to charge stations using smart contract automation.

Charing stations will be able to immediately lend the proceeds in a DeFi lending protocol to generate yield. Bold statement? Not at all. The tech already exists and provides capital efficiency at its best! 

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