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Citi pilots blockchain bill of lading for trade finance

Yesterday the blockchain trade platform TradeLens announced that Citi piloted a paperless trade transaction for client Syngenta Bangladesh. Agrochemicals were imported to Bangladesh from India with an electronic bill of lading (eBL) used to support the Letter of Credit for trade finance. TradeLens is the blockchain network founded by IBM and a Maersk subsidiary and the TradeLens eBL is

Lenovo announces consumer AR glasses that can tether to iPhones

After pushing augmented reality (AR) glasses to businesses for years, Lenovo will finally sell AR glasses for consumers, the company announced today—and I briefly got to demo the lightweight Lenovo Glasses T1. With their Micro OLED displays and required tether to Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS devices, they bring some notable features to a space that

Animoca Brands: Blockchain Gaming Giant Says Web3 Future Isn’t Far Off

Yat Siu, the cofounder and chairman of Animoca Brands, believes the transition to Web3, the next generation of the internet, will happen sooner than many people think. “Within the next 18 months or so, we expect hundreds of millions of new entrants into the open metaverse because the quality of open metaverse products, such as new

SWIFT Payment System Embraces Blockchain Technology

As reported by Bloomberg, citing a post from the body, the payment enhancement will be in collaboration with Symbiont Inc, a blockchain startup with innovative fintech solutions. The SWIFT blockchain pursuit will be used to create “efficiencies in communicating significant corporate events,” like dividend payments and mergers, SWIFT said in its post. SWIFT presents one of the

Nike’s NFT Sales Make It One of the Most Profitable Fashion Brands in the Digital World

When non-fungible tokens (a.k.a. NFTs ) — essentially certificates for digital or physical assets — first launched, big brands stayed pat. They didn't launch their own, entertain the then-trend (now full-blown industry) or rush to retrofit prior releases with crypto perks. Folks knew there would one day be a Nike NFT, but when Nike first showed hesitancy, many

State Street Sees ‘Significant Opportunity’ in Tokenization

While State Street’s digital arm is working on the ability to custody cryptoassets by the end of the year, tokenization remains a top focus for the business going forward as institutions continue to show interest in the segment. Using distributed ledger technology to tokenize funds and private assets, for example, to improve efficiency and accessibility

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